1st Annual PandaMonium

The first annually-held Kanpai Panda event is almost here. And we’re bringing some big names.


Aug 13, 2022
Pandamonium (6 PM -1 AM)
Drais (1 -7 AM)


Downtown Las Vegas Event Center


10k+ 2 levels: GA and VIP


Pandamonium is the Kanpai Pandas’ signature annual entertainment event. This year’s Pandamonium will be held on August 13th in downtown Las Vegas at the Events Center, where the Kanpai Panda team will welcome thousands of Pandas from around the world. Come party with celebrities, athletes, and your fellow pandas!

Pandemonium will run from 6PM to 1AM, featuring the biggest rap and EDM artists:, Tyga, Rich the Kid, Bijou, DJ Ignite, Keyboard Monkey, and more!


This event is going be too big not to have its own site! Hop over to
pandamonium.live and get complete info and updates on the event.

How to get your PASS
There are 2 different passes: GA and VIP.
General Admission NFT

All panda holders will be able to mint a FREE general admission ticket below. You CAN mint multiple tickets in one transaction.

Once you mint your pass, it will be stored in your wallet. You can then resell it on OpenSea or send it to a friend. We will use Tokenproof at the front door to verify holders.

MINT your ticket

Connect wallet and mint.


VIP Access NFT

If you were one of the Genesis Panda minters (Ethereum minters), you were airdropped a VIP Pass. These passes get you exclusive perks and benefits at Pandamonium, along with expedited entry. As a bonus, you also get FREE entrance to our afterparty at Drai’s.that runs from 1-7AM.

Keep this pass in your wallet for VIP access to the event and verification for Tokenproof.



Step 1
Make sure you have a Pandamonium GA pass and/or VIP pass in your wallet.

One wallet can verify multiple passes, if you have additional members in your party you’re bringing.

Step 2
Install and activate token proof.

On your browser

Or on your phone:

You won’t need to connect to your wallet during Pandamonium, however, you do need to have your pass (NFT (s)) in your wallet for tokenproof enrollment. Moving it out of the wallet will invalidate your entry during ticketing.

Step 3
Show up to the venue - Directions on Google Maps

When you get to the venue (DLVEC Las Vegas) there will be line(s) at the main entrance. Your QR code will be scanned to enter.

Step 4
Redeem your VIP bracelet

Once your code is scanned, you will receive a wristband that will give you access to VIP areas at the event and you ARE allowed re-entry.